Thank you for your interest in partnering with us and with doTERRA in your own natural wellness and essential oil business. This page gives you a brief overview. Click the button at the bottom of the page to watch our more in-depth video.

We love doTERRA’s products! With the explosion in the popularity of natural products, it provides our customers with a one-stop-shop for these, and a generous membership club and subscription service, so that they can partner with nature, adopt a more natural lifestyle and make great cost savings. They buy all their skin care, hair care, personal care and green cleaning products from doTERRA as well as natural supplements and essential oils that they use as natural remedies and to make their own cleaning and skincare products too if they want to! As the oils are food grade, they can also be used as flavourings in cooking!

When our customers open their membership account with us, not only do they get access to all our products at wholesale prices, they also get to opt in to our monthly subscription box programme. This programme is AMAZING! It is a totally bespoke service – they can change which products they want to receive each month, and how much they want to spend, and they earn loyalty points and even free products depending on their order value! This is a great way for them to truly make these changes in their lifestyle, reward them for being a great customer, and if they refer other people to get their own memberships, they can even get their products paid for with referral fees!

doTERRA is the world leader in essential oils. It provides the most tested, most trusted essential oils, supplements and natural healthcare products through a global network of more than five million customers, with 65% of these purchasing on a regular basis! It is an innovator and disruptor in the modern healthcare model, as it looks to integrate allopathic and natural medicine with a total, holistic approach to a wellness lifestyle.


Essential oils form part of the immune system of plants and are most potent when sourced from plants that grow in their natural habitat. They are distilled from the leaves, stems, roots, flowers, seeds, bark or resin of plants, and have been used in ancient and modern times for medicinal, skin care, perfume and food flavouring uses. They can be used aromatically to fragrance the air, elevate the mood, improve sleep, concentration, focus and memory and purify air from any airborne nasties. They can be used topically to soothe aches and pains, calm the digestion, balance hormones and care for the skin. They are nature’s best kept secret, and we are on a mission to tell the world about them!

Consumers want products that make a positive impact on communities. doTERRA has turned away from using large, commercial farms where only a few lives can be impacted, and choose to work with their Global Botanical Network of cooperatives, formed of small scale farmers and growers (often with farms under 5 acres) who they have been known to help buy their own parcels of land, so that they can make the biggest impact with the most amount of people. So our products literally change economies in many developing areas, as well as provide the means for better access to healthcare, education and food.


Not only does doTERRA invest heavily in the communities where the growers and distillers live, it also gives to many great causes, including charitable partners who help girls in developing countries with menstrual education, give microloans to individuals in those countries, but also assists in tackling and bringing an end to the child sex trafficking around the world, including prevention and rehabilitation. Within Europe, they are also supporting, through the initiative of some of our amazing Wellness Advocates, a large camp of Syrian refugees in Lesvos, Greece.

You do not need to be an expert to start your doTERRA business! Many people learn about the products, use them and then teach others what they have learnt, so they learn and earn as they go! And there are so many ways to do this as a business – one to one meetings, holding classes or workshops where people can come and make their own products, webinars and on social media – in fact, this is a global opportunity, so you can have customers and team members all around the world! You earn commission when someone joins as a wholesale customer and buys their first kit of products, and you also earn on their monthly subscription boxes too!

You can do this business part time, and you can do it full time… but you can’t do it some times! This is true, you do need to commit a portion of your time each week to build momentum and build a solid business. This could be 5 hours a week, or 25 hours – it is entirely up to you! The more people you invite to learn about essential oils and a natural wellness lifestyle, the more customers you will get and the greater your earnings. Some join to do this to get discounted and free products, and some will join to replace or multiply their income.

We have an established and proven training programme to help you at every stage of your business, from the very beginning and throughout each and every rank! We also have regular corporate events, regional and global conventions, leadership trainings, wellness days and weekly team calls, and you will be assigned a mentor to guide you along the way!

Hi! We are Martin and Sophie Ray-Jones! We are entrepreneurs and run 3 other businesses as well as our doTERRA business! We chose self-employment and to partner with doTERRA so that we could design the life we wanted to live, with the flexibility to travel, go to the beach, worldschool our children and have lots of fun! We lead a global doTERRA team, and are excited to have you join us and passionate about empowering you on your own journey to design the life you love!

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