Announcing the 2018 SHARE European Convention… in LONDON!! Yay!

Oh my goodness! I am so excited right now! There had been rumours throughout convention that the UK would host next year’s European Convention, but Jurgen (corporate bod) told us we would have to guarantee him we could get 2500 people from the UK at conventions before they would consider it… And actually, the sense from my fellow British Wellness Advocates was that if it was held in the UK, it would be a bit pants, and disappointing to not go to a foreign land and explore a new country…

So when they announced the location of the 2018 SHARE European Convention, and that it was London, I was actually surprised with myself that I was overcome with emotion and joy that it is being held in the UK! And at the ExCeL! They have a huge capacity, and I am so excited to be welcoming the whole of Europe to London!

Here is how they announced it (link for tickets is below the video)