Hi! I am so excited that you have come here! I am Sophie and I am the founder of essential:PRO. In 2015, my life was changed when I started out on a mission to improve our family’s health, wellness and financial situation, and I soon found that not only could I empower our lives, but also the lives of others with a natural approach to healthcare and an amazing residual income stream.

I was looking for a business opportunity to work from home while I home educate our children. I soon fell in love with the products, having a profound increase in energy and vitality after taking the amazing supplements, and also with our family’s individual health issues. We are now on a mission to tell everyone about the amazing benefits of doTERRA’s products and we love helping others removing barriers, whether health or financial, to then reach their potential.

I started using essential oils to lift my mood and increase my energy, and now use them all the time for pretty much everything – they are my ‘go-to’ solutions and they empower me as a mum, especially as my children tend to choose Friday evenings to get sick! It means I have natural solutions right there in my home, and it always amazes me all the different things that even just one oil can do! I love learning about the powerful variety of ways in which essential oils can be used from overhauling our medicine cabinet, cleaning our house, helping with nutrition and fitness, and in relieving symptoms of ailments to make life a little happier and easier to deal with. I am excited to help you learn more about how you can be empowered too!