Build Your Own Business as a Wellness Coach

Building a business with doTERRA is just like any other business. You need to invest some money, a fair bit of time, and a lot of hard work to make it successful, but oh, is it worth it!

What I love about doTERRA, and also about network marketing in general, is that it is rapidly becoming the alternative to buying franchises and starting up other businesses. Why? Because it is very low cost to start up in comparison, you do not have to buy stock and so the ongoing costs are minimal, you do have to put in the time, it is still less time than other businesses and because you become more successful as you help others become successful. You can then work in partnership with them too!

As you build your business, you will be finding other likeminded people who are looking to have their own business too.

While not obligatory, we strongly encourage our business builders to attend either our regional convention or the international convention in the US with their team members each year.

Supplement your income and help others to do the same!

  • Earn up to £1,820 – £4,034 a month (based on average Silver-Gold income*)

  • Guide others to earn their products for free

  • Become a leader others want to follow

  • Travel, grow personally, enjoy greater options

Your investment:

  • Part-time commitment

  • An enrolment kit, a monthly LRP order, business tools

  • Daily personal development

  • Attend and help present trainings online/locally and annual convention (recommended)

  • Plan how and who you will approach

  • Invite others to receive samples, attend classes & webinars

  • Present information through a 1-to-1 consultation, class, Facebook class, webinar, Periscope broadcast (or invite to a team event)

  • Enroll others by signing them up for their own Wholesale Membership account

  • Support others in their journey

  • Support your builders

  • IDEAL GOAL: Elite in 30-60 days, Silver in 6-9 months, Platinum in 2 years

When you join the EssentialPro team, we will:

  • Mentor you – you will be assigned a mentor who will provide ongoing support

  • Support you on your wellness journey

  • Train you and help you to strategise to maximise your earnings

  • Give you access to the online events we hold so you can invite people to them

  • Give you access to exclusive resources available to our team

  • Help you develop your business and brand

  • Celebrate your wins with you

See the latest Opportunity and Earnings Statement here.


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