Time is something you may feel you do not have.

But you have just as much time as anyone else. It is what you choose to do with it that counts.

You may be working 40 hours a week in your current job. Or maybe you are a stay-at-home mum (or dad), caring for your children full time. Whatever your situation, have you often felt that you just simply do not have the time to do the things you have to do, let alone the things you want to do? Reading this article on this page, you may be looking at starting your own business in network marketing (or in something else entirely). You may be wondering how on earth can you have time to start (or continue) to build your financial pipeline, when hauling buckets takes such a long time? 

I was feeling just like that a couple of weeks ago. 

I was feeling overwhelmed because of my lack of time. I have two children aged 4 and 2. When they become compulsory school age, we will officially and legally be classed as home educating them. For now, we are unofficially home educating (because technically until my daughter is 5, the law does not regard us as home educators, although when she does get to 5, our week will look fairly similar to how it is now), and getting into a routine that we can continue throughout the next few years.

On top of this, I am taking 2 courses and I am a mumpreneur, building my own network marketing business with doTERRA. I want to replace my income I had working with my husband’s company (and then some), and so I wanted to be able to put in 15-25 hours a week to do that.

How would I ever find the time? On top of this I wanted to exercise, get fit, spend time with my husband and family, go to church, and relax and have fun. It all seemed completely impossible!

I then read a book called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, quickly followed by the book The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers by Hal Elrod and Pat Petrini. In The Miracle Morning, Hal recommends his 6 activities to do each and every morning to be successful in business and in life. The 6 activities he recommends that you do for at least 10 minutes a day EACH would add at least yet another hour on to my day. (I am not going to cover them in detail here, but I seriously recommend reading the book!)

How could I do it all? Plus, after exercising, I was a hot, sweaty mess, and just had to jump in the shower – where would I have time to fit that in as well?!

And then I read something in that book that really struck me. I had just as much time as anyone else. I had 168 precious hours each and every week. And I had to take control. Not only of my morning as Hal and Pat suggest, but my whole week.

 168 hours.

That is how many hours we ALL have in our week. Regardless of what you do for a career, or if you are unemployed, if you are in the UK, or in the slums of India, one thing we all have in common is that we have those 168 hours in our week.

Now if you take 8 hours a day out for sleeping (and I know 8 hours may be a luxury for some or not even achievable for others) – let’s just say you spend 8 hours a day resting, sleeping etc – that takes out 56 hours. Let’s say that you work 40 hours full time in a job, and an average of 6 hours a day on recreation activities, eating, etc. Yes, 6 hours. This is an average, because at weekends you may have more leisure time. (You may be wondering how you find the time for such leisure time, I know I was!)

How many hours do you have left?

Well, it may surprise you to know that out of your 168 hours, there are still 30 hours, yes THIRTY HOURS left in your week!

What will you do with those hours?

 What I did

When I realised that, I was really shocked. And actually quite excited. For months I have felt that my life has been out of balance, and that I have not been able to do everything I wanted to do, that some things suffered because I was trying to build my business, or spent time with my family. When I realised I had so much time in my week, I began blocking out my planner (I use the Passion Planner and love it) and working out how much time I wanted to be home educating, working, having recreational time, doing my coursework, doing my Miracle Morning, etc.

One of my aims was BALANCE. To get everything in balance so that no area was neglected. I knew that I wanted to do 6 ‘sessions’ of home education (I am a trained Montessori teacher and in a school children would have 3 hour blocks to learn in each day, and so I wanted to do 6 3-hour sessions with my children each week). The children both attend a forest school for 2 days a week too. I knew that I needed to have time to prepare what I want to do with them each week, and also have time to record all the things we have done, because I love seeing the progress (it is not a legal requirement, but I wanted to do it). I actually blocked in time for that record keeping.

I knew I wanted to do 15-25 hours a week in my business, and I wanted to have 3 hours a week for my studies.

After reading The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers, I realised that the 6 activities that were suggested in the original book could be integrated into a regular morning routine so that I OWN my morning, and therefore my day. Many people choose to get up an hour or two earlier to complete their Miracle Morning, but I knew that with my children’s sleep patterns, that just would not be possible and I was setting myself up to fail if I attempted to get up at 4.30am or something like that. I need my sleep, but I know that I naturally wake up at 5.40am if I get to sleep by 11pm. So that is the time my morning starts. Also, I felt that I needed to spend more time doing some activities than others, and so I have committed to my own routine for success each and every day.

My morning looks like this:

5.40am Wake up, have an apple and drink some water

5.50am Silence (I get up, go downstairs and sit and meditate and enjoy silence)

6.00am Exercise 45 minutes

6.45am Shower, get dressed, do my hair (takes a while)

7.30am Affirmations – great positive thinking (and saying)

7.40am Visualisation – visualising my day, how things will go that day

7.50am Reading – I read for 20 minutes from a personal development book

8.10am Scribing – I write my thoughts I have had from my morning in a journal

8.20am Breakfast

8.30am Ready to start the rest of my day!

I have to give a shout out to my husband as he gets the children up and dressed while I am doing this.

How does the rest of my day look?

Well, when I blocked out my time throughout the week, this is what I found. I found that I had:

49 hours sleeping

23.5 hours to spend on home education (18 hours learning, plus time for prep and record keeping)

17.5 hours doing my Miracle Morning and getting ready

3 hours doing coursework

27.5 hours in my doTERRA business (I know! I only felt I needed 15-25, but I found I had even more time!)

and still have 47.5 hours of recreational time during my week!

So, what are you waiting for?

Work out what things you HAVE to do each week, block them out on a weekly planner and then work out how you will take ownership and control over the remaining hours you have in your week. Remember to include ALL the things you want to get done, no matter how small. I plan my day by 30 minute intervals. Some days, when I am spending the day with my children, I only work for 30 productive minutes! And I need to make those 30 minutes count, because I am not working again until the next day! Remember to get that balance. Block out, and be strict with, your recreation time. You need it. Your family needs you to have it. Be present in that moment. Discipline yourself to make the most of each of your blocks of time, and protect each block by not letting other things creep into it. And sometimes, we have to be flexible because of what life throws at us. So if you have to work when you should be spending time with family, adjust your hours that week (but remember you owe yourself those hours and take them another time). Take time each Sunday (or whatever day you choose) to plan your whole week, and then spend some time at the end of each day knowing how you will make the most of each block of time you have the next day.

You will be amazed at how much you can get done when you take charge of and OWN your day!