The Unilevel Commission is your financial pipeline and your residual income. It is unlimited and will continue to grow and grow as you and people in your downline continue to share doTERRA. Remember, it is not paid on the first 60 days of someone’s account when the Fast Start payments are made. It only kicks in after those 60 days are up.

In other companies, this is very different. Firstly, most other companies will pay the highest percentage on the people placed close to you – your front line, whereas doTERRA pays the least. This means that actually although you get paid less initially, the earning potential is a lot higher because you get paid the most on the most amount of people in your organisation. And doTERRA pay on 7 levels down, which is, in itself deeper than most companies, and also there is the matter of dynamic compression, which I will explain later. I really love this Unilevel plan, it is so very generous and when you compare it to other companies, it really is amazing.

Here is the Unilevel Commission table, which details all the Qualifying requirements for each rank as your team grows in doTERRA. You can click on this to make it larger. Below the chart I will explain how this all works.


OK, so first things first, the ranks all across the top are all the ranks in the doTERRA Compensation Plan, from Consultant all the way up to Presidential Diamond.

We are now going to work initially down the far left hand column, starting with Monthly PV. This amount is the amount that you need to spend as your Loyalty Rewards Order each month in order to qualify for Unilevel commissions. As a Consultant, to earn your commissions, this only needs to be 50PV (product volume), and from Manager onwards, it needs to be 100PV. What I love about this is that, as you can see, this then never changes regardless of how high you go up in the ranks. Other companies I have been in require more and more from their leaders as they get higher up in the ranks, but with doTERRA, this always remains at that 100PV level!

The next row – Monthly OV – refers to your team’s Overall Volume, which is everyone underneath you’s orders all added together, and this determines your rank between Manager and Premier. You advance through the ranks all the way until Elite on the total of your volume alone. Premier is a little different, and we will see that in a moment, but you can see that after Silver, there is no minimum volume requirement. This is because from Silver onwards, it is the next thing that matters – your qualified legs – and doTERRA does not put any additional volume requirements on us, which is wonderful. At the end I will share how this is different with a competitor to illustrate my point further, but I will explain the rest of the chart first.

OK so the next row is Qualified Legs, and this is the number of legs, or different independent branches of your downline, you need to reach a certain rank for you to qualify for your rank. As you can see, this kicks in with Premier, where you need 2 Qualified Legs. Looking at the row beneath, you can see that these Legs both need to be Executive in order to qualify you for Premier. Again, looking at the chart under ‘Executive’ you can see that an Executive needs 2000OV to qualify as that rank, and as a Premier, you need 2 Executives AND 5000OV, so 4000OV or more will come from those 2 legs, and the other 1000 may come from anywhere else in your organisation. Premier is the only rank that requires Qualified Legs and a volume requirement.

From Silver to Platinum, this is based on 3 of your legs getting from Elite to Silver themselves, and then to be Diamond, you need a 4th leg to be Silver. The final 2 ranks need 5 Gold legs for Blue Diamond, and 6 Platinum legs for Presidential Diamond.

Explaining Levels 1-7

OK, so that has explained the first rows of the grid. Now to explain the levels.

I am hoping this is quite simple, but I love this compensation plan and it is the reason I joined doTERRA actually! So I know this inside out and back to front!

So… the Unilevel commission is paid up to 7 levels down, I think I said that already. So in the bottom part of the chart, you can see how that emerges as you increase from Consultant all the way up to Silver, and then is exactly the same in terms of percentages and levels from Silver all the way up to the top of the compensation plan at Presidential Diamond.

As a Consultant, you can only earn on your first level, and you earn 2% of the commissionable volume of the orders on here. With each rank advancement (and you have to rerank every month as it resets to zero), you open up another level, so at Elite, for example, you are paid on the first 5 levels, and when you get to Silver, it is all 7 from there on.

What is Dynamic Compression?

Dynamic compression is fabulous. One thing I need you to know is that people do drop out of doTERRA, and there are a variety of reasons for that. I have had people who have had a change in circumstances, have had to change jobs, another business becoming hugely busy, having a baby, having an operation, dying… you name it, I have had it. And while it is sad for me when someone doesn’t engage so much with us, I know life happens, and so does doTERRA, so what they do is that they make sure that you always get paid on the number of levels you are meant to be paid on, as long as those levels are there. For example, at Elite (seeing as we have already spoken about that one), you get paid on 5 levels. But what if the person on level 3 has dropped off? Well, doTERRA will count your level 4 as your level 3, and then will pay on the next 2 levels, if you have people on those levels of course! All commission is compressed where needed and possible, so that you are paid fully on all the levels you can be.

Some final thoughts…

Unilevel is definitely your financial pipeline, and where you reap the real rewards of serving people to their needs and helping them to learn how to use all the doTERRA products, rather than just selling them a box of oils and leaving them to their own devices.

My last thought on our Unilevel plan is how it compares to our closest competitor. Let’s look at the top rank – Presidential Diamond. In order to get here, you would need 6 legs that are Platinum. Platinums have 3 teams that are Silver, and a Silver needs 3 Elites (which is 3000OV).

So a Silver is a minimum of 9000OV. A Platinum needs 3 Silvers, so that is 27,000OV, and a Presidential Diamond needs 6 of them. 27,000OV x 6 is 162,000OV minimum you would need to be Presidential Diamond (most have a much higher volume, by the way, but that is the minimum by default based on the rank requirements).

Now, let’s look at the competitor’s compensation plan. The first thing to note is that to get to the top, they also need 6 leaders, but those leaders need to have a minimum of 35,000OV, which as you can see is immediately higher for each leg. But the big shocker is this… for them to reach the top, and to be on a similar average income, they also have to hit a minimum overall volume of… wait for it… 1,500,000OV!! That is almost 10 times higher than doTERRA! I really applaud the people that have got there, because that is a huge, whopping amount of sales volume to have to reach! And that is why I love doTERRA who, at a tenth of the volume, pay out about the same amount. This other company, by the way, only pays 5 levels down, and pays the highest percentage at the top, rather than on the most at the bottom.

I will be making a video explaining all of this, but here are my thoughts initially on the compensation plan!