So who is excited about doTERRA’s announcement they made yesterday about live streaming all of the 2017 Global Convention for only $49?! That is only £38.30 to attend Convention next month!

After being disappointed about having to sell our Convention tickets, I was greatly suffering from that FOMO feeling (Fear-Of-Missing-Out), so when this was announced, I jumped at the chance to get a ticket, and Convention is all about connecting with people, so I have decided to throw a Convention Party in my home, and here is how you can hold your own party too!

Why be excited?

The doTERRA Global Convention happens each year in Salt Lake City, Utah. Only 30,000 people can attend, and many miss out. At Convention, there isn’t any ‘rah-rah’ celebrations (except at the Gala) of new rank-advancing leaders, it is mainly all about education on the new oils, on how they are sourced, on the science behind them, and on all the amazing work that has been going on with the Healing Hands Foundation. This year, Emily Wright (one of the doTERRA Founders and Executive Team) has announced that we will be getting 6 new single oils, and 3 new blends. In a live broadcast yesterday when she announced the live-streaming, she also hinted (along with Dr Hill), that this year all the new products are all about the oils, and that one of the oils begins with ‘C’ (I think it is Copaiba – what do you think?). All this information that we learn helps strengthen us as Wellness Advocates, and is our opportunity not only to learn about all the new products, but also to really gain our testimonies of how amazing doTERRA is as a company, and to also learn about all their new plans for the future. I can’t wait!

Get your ticket!

The first thing you need to do is to be able to attend! If no-one else near you is holding their own Convention Party, then get your ticket for the doTERRA convention live-streaming here.

Plan the date(s)

doTERRA is live-streaming over 4 days from 6th-9th September, and you can choose to either watch all the sessions live as they happen (that is what I am going to be doing!) or you can watch them at any time on-demand until 24th September, so you could plan your party during the next week if you prefer.

Let’s look at timings. Here is when all the broadcasts will be happening:

6th September at 18:00 MDT (01:00 BST) – GALA is broadcast
7th-9th September daily from 11:00 MDT (18:00 BST) until 18:00 MDT (01:00 BST)

I am probably going to skip the Gala, so that I can be on top form for the rest of the week. (Note: It is not clear if the Gala will be available on demand, but I can cope with that. I wasn’t even going to be going if I was in Salt Lake!) I will be holding the event live for everyone who wants to join me, and then I will possibly also hold an on-demand session, depending on the demand from my team members. I will be sure to rewatch the sessions anyway because I don’t want to miss a thing!

Invite people

doTERRA Convention is about connections, it is about people, and it is about YOU (this year’s theme). Don’t watch the broadcasts on your own. Invite your friends, invite your teams to come and join you, make a big thing about it, and bring some of that Convention fever to the UK!

Plan the refreshments

There are some great ideas for refreshements on the doTERRA Blog, but here are my top 5 recipes I will be making for our Convention Party! And because Tangerine has already been confirmed as one of the new oils, and I am lucky enough to have 2 bottles of it, one of the recipes had to include that too!


Plan the celebrations

How can you make your Convention Party special for your team who are attending? Could you make them a special convention pack? How are you going to celebrate any rank advancements? Will you decorate the room somehow? I will leave this up to you, because this is all about how you will make your own unique celebrations, in your own style, but I would love it if you would share your ideas and what you did with me! Head on over to the Facebook page, or use the hashtag #doterraconventionparty on Instagram so we can see what you have done with your team!