RECIPE: Cinnamon Apple Chips

These are so simple to make, and with the Autumn coming up, they will leave your house smelling of all the wonderful Autumn things, and it is a great way to use any fresh apples you may have picked from the tree too (although you can obviously use the ones from the shop too, just remember to wash them thoroughly in Lemon oil and water to get rid of any waxy residue or pesticides!)

RECIPE: Tangerine Cranberry Scones

WOW! doTERRA has really treated us! They have released one of this year’s new oils early! Tangerine is now (in the US) available for general sale! If you have purchased one of the Summer special packs over the last few years, then you have been lucky to have Tangerine in your kit anyway, but I guess you could use Wild Orange in this recipe if you are, like the most of the UK, having to wait until Tangerine catches up to the European market!