Create an Additional Income as a Wellness Advocate

You can supplement your income by sharing doTERRA’s natural products with your friends, family and wider network. You may already have a Wholesale Membership account. You may already be using and loving the doTERRA products – this is the way many business builders start out, and it becomes a very natural transition into a very valid business opportunity for you to start with. Even if you have never tried any doTERRA products, the best way to build your business is by becoming a brand ambassador and using the products yourself and with your family.

As a hobby, you can earn anything from enough money to cover the cost of your own purchases, up to around £400-£500 a month. Although, this can be achieved without any other builders, it is much more achievable when you have others underneath you who are building the business themselves. No doubt when you are sharing doTERRA with the people you know, you will come across other people who want to turn their passion for the products into a supplemental income. Find out about becoming a Business Builder here.

If you already have a health & wellness business (take a look at our Professionals Area for inspiration), you can add doTERRA into your business to create an additional revenue stream. Contact us for more info!


While not obligatory, we would like our team members to attend either our regional convention or the international convention in the US each year. 

Earn your products for FREE + a bit EXTRA

  • Earn up to approx £400 a month

  • Support your wellness lifestyle

  • Teach others a wellness lifestyle

Your investment:

  • A few hours a week

  • An enrolment kit, a monthly LRP order, business tools

  • Attend trainings online/locally and annual convention (recommended)

  • Plan how and who you will approach

  • Invite others to receive samples, attend classes & webinars

  • Present information through a 1-to-1 consultation, class, Facebook class, webinar, Periscope broadcast (or invite to a team event)

  • Enroll others by signing them up for their own Wholesale Membership account

  • Support others in their journey

  • IDEAL GOAL: Elite in 60-90 days, Premier in 6 months

When you join the EssentialPro team, we will:

  • Mentor you – you will be assigned a mentor who will provide ongoing support

  • Support you on your wellness journey

  • Train you and help you to strategise to maximise your earnings

  • Give you access to the online events we hold so you can invite people to them

  • Give you access to exclusive resources available to our team

  • Help you develop your business and brand

  • Celebrate your wins with you

See the latest Opportunity and Earnings Statement here.


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