Your Study Support Team 

Martin and Sophie Ray-Jones have been coaching others in effective and safe usage of therapeutic grade essential oils for over 3 years. Periodically throughout the study they will check up with you via text, phone, email or messenger to remind you to be consistent with your application of the oils for the study and answer any questions you may have in the process.


Step #1: Welcome Email

You should shortly be receiving an email in your inbox (it may have already arrived!) welcoming you to the essential oil digestion study.

Step #2: Onboarding Call

Within the next 48 hours we will be in touch with you to schedule your onboarding call. This is a chance for us to go over your application to confirm that you are a good fit for the study.

Step #3: Receive Your Oil Samples

Once approved for the study we will ship out your samples immediately and email or text you detailed usage instructions for your new essential oils.

Step #4: Essential Oil Usage

Use your essential oils as instructed (keeping the rest of your routine the same) for 2 weeks, checking in with your study support team at least every 48 hours to report any changes in your digestion.

Step #5: Exit Survey/Phone Call

At the end of your 2 week time period we will send you the exit survey as well as schedule a final call to understand your experience in greater detail over the last 2 weeks.

Step #6: Data reveal webinar presentation

At the end of the study we ask that you attend the online webinar presentation where the results will be shared and you may be asked to share your experience on video (optional).