What are EO Bootcamps?

Are you raring to go with using essential oils, but just don’t know where to start? Are you looking to learn about overhauling your life and start your journey to natural living, but don’t have time to keep coming to weekly classes to learn snippets of knowledge? Then our EO Bootcamps are for you!

Essential Oil (EO) Bootcamps are designed to empower you with all the knowledge you need to implement essential oils into your daily life. Whether it is a half-day, one-day or two-day Bootcamp, you will learn how to use certified pure therapeutic grade oils safely for your health, wellness, skin care, hair care and for green cleaning around your home and to completely ditch the toxins for natural living alternatives.

And you don’t have to wait to get started! All of these Bootcamps include essential oils that you can take home and start using straight away, and resources such as books or booklets with practical information on how to implement these nature’s gifts into your life!

FOR PROS: If you are an Essential Pro on any team, check out our PROCamps – check out this page for more details.

Why Bootcamps?

In addition to our Bootcamps, we also teach regular Introduction to Essential Oils classes in Bournemouth, and in other areas (ask us for details), and also online. When giving feedback from these classes, we found that many people couldn’t wait to learn more so we wanted to offer something more comprehensive, so people could come and learn through different, more intensive workshops and classes delivered over half a day, one day or two days, depending on how much they wanted to learn in one go!

And so the concept of EO Bootcamps was born…

Through our EO Bootcamps, you can come and learn more in one go AND go away with some oils and/or related products and resources so you can go home straight away and start implementing them. Our aim for you is to go away with all the knowledge to make those changes in your life to be happier, healthier and living in a more natural way!

What types of Bootcamp are there?

Option 1: Go all in and attend our amazing 2-Day EO Bootcamps!

If you can’t wait to learn everything you need to know to get you started using certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils in your life, then come on our intensive, 2-day EO Bootcamp and engage with other people on the same journey as you! We run these at different locations across the UK (including Bournemouth, of course!) and as well as 2 days of amazing information on how to use essential oils and products for health and wellness, cleaning, nutrition, weight management, skin & hair care and even cooking, you will also get to take home with you from the event 14 essential oils and blends you can replace your medicine cabinet with, and use for a whole host of uses as soon as you get home, PLUS the amazing Essential Life book, the Modern Essentials Usage Guide, a personal rollerball blend, and 3 other items you have made yourself on the course. A light lunch made with essential oils will also be available on both days, and you will also qualify for a wholesale discount which gives you 25% off doTERRA products for 12 months!


Option 2: Attend (or host) a Half-Day Mini Bootcamp

Can’t come to a 2-day workshop? Once a month we hold a Mini Bootcamp in Bournemouth where we look at essential oils in a little more depth, and cover more uses for them during the time you are with us. The aim for this is to allow more time to really understand why essential oils work, and to look at wellness strategies you can implement, by starting with using 4 essential oils. This Mini Bootcamp is like an Introduction Class, plus some elements of the continuing education classes, the difference being that for £35, you get a 3-hour workshop, and go home with the 4 essential oils we focus on for the latter half of the workshop, as well as a booklet about essential oil usage. Look out for the early bird offers!

If you are not local to Bournemouth, we can come and run a Mini Bootcamp near you! Where we have demand, we will run these in public locations (check out our Upcoming Events for more info), but we can also arrange to run them for you in your home for family and friends for £25 each.

We also hold Mini Bootcamps on specific subjects periodically, subject to demand, so please keep an eye out for these on our Upcoming Events page!


Option 3: Attend our Pro EO Bootcamps

What about if you are a health-centred professional, looking to see how to integrate essential oils into your business? If you are a health professional, keep an eye out for our 1- or 2-day EO Bootcamps for Professionals, ranging from essential oils for yoga teachers, chiropractors and osteopaths, nutritionists, kinesiologists and healers, and much more!


Option 4: Attend our LEADERCamps

If you want to LAUNCH Your Business, or RELAUNCH it, or if you are already a Wellness Advocate with a doTERRA Business, check out our PROCamps here.