I see many people looking for network marketing opportunities asking “What should I be looking for?”. In my 20 years in the industry, and having been with 9 different companies, I have definitely learned a thing or two about what makes a good (or bad) opportunity.

I have compiled a list of 25 questions I believe are hugely valuable for anyone considering a move into this industry to ask and to help you avoid pitfalls that may not be so obvious when you are enticed into a company…

  1. Is the product line something you can be passionate about and use daily?
  2. Does the product line appeal to just women, or a wider range of people? (the whole family, pets, professionals)
  3. What potential is there for ongoing residual income?
  4. Does the company have a system whereby your customers are tied to you?
  5. What is the retention rate of the company?
  6. How achievable is reaching top ranks?
  7. Are there potential obstacles to creating a good income? (examples include teams able to break away from you in the future, not being paid on all teams, huge volume requirements, huge start up costs, large stock holding and delivery, etc)
  8. What is the potential for growth for the company?
  9. What humanitarian efforts is the company involved in?
  10. What are the ethics surrounding the company?
  11. Who runs the company?
  12. What is the company’s mission, and does it align to your why?
  13. Do you, every month, have to sell, sell, sell, push, push, push, just to make any money, or is there a need for people to reorder products each month?
  14. What value do the products bring to a person’s life (which increases the likelihood they will share with others)?
  15. As you increase in rank, what are the requirements to qualify for commission? Do they become really unachievable so that top ranks will be very rarely achieved?
  16. Do you have products that are versatile, so your approach to promoting them can be flexible?
  17. What is the demand for these products?
  18. How strict is the company about promoting products? (eg do you have to withhold the company name, can only use company issued images, etc)
  19. How easy would it be to build ongoing relationships with people?
  20. Are there additional ways to have residual income from customers as well as other team members?
  21. What are the bonuses the company offers and when would you start accessing them?
  22. Do the company reward with a lot of “ra-ra” (cars, trips, etc) or are they more modest or reward financially instead?
  23. How many people do you need to recruit to get to the top?
  24. Can you build globally, or are you restricted to your country, or even local area?
  25. Do you have to structure your business wide or deep – are you able to work cooperatively with your down line, upline and cross line without bitchy competition, and where people recognise and will return your contacts to you instead of poaching them for themselves?

These may sound like a lot of questions, but if you are looking to partner with a company for long-term income earning potential, take it seriously and make sure you know what all the pros and cons are.

Do all of these sound like a company that is too good to be true? Coming soon – my video about my opportunity that meets ALL of the above criteria!