Feel Fabulous with Two Weeks of Free Oils


Martin and Sophie Ray-Jones have been actively using and helping others understand the benefits of essential oils for over 3 years now.

Throughout your two week study experience, they will guide you in how to use your free samples and help you stay accountable so you can have the best experience and we can get the most accurate data possible. There are 5 different studies to choose from – choose the one that poses the biggest issue for you right now!

Thank you for joining the study!


Join in on one of our I Feel Fabulous Essential Oil Studies. Not only are these studies designed to give you 2 weeks to trial essential oils for yourself for some of your health issues, it also gives us an opportunity to collate valuable data and experiences that we can then use to help others with the same issues in the future.

Studies Currently Available for April 2018

We are running 5 different studies in April 2018. These are all 2 weeks in length, and start on 9th April. The studies we are running are:

  • SLEEP – do you want to improve your sleep?
  • STRESS – are anxious and stressful feelings holding you back?
  • SEASONAL – are you being affected by the pollen?
  • DIGESTIVE – do you feel bloated, gassy and have frequent digestive issues?
  • PAIN – do you experience soreness in your muscles and joints?

You can only apply to be a part of one focus group, and so we invite you to pick your greatest area of concern and apply to join that study for the next couple of weeks.