How EssentialPro Can Help Your Business

Our consultants value the importance of education and believe it is the key to a prosperous business. We are there to help you integrate our products into your business through extensive product education in-house or online, at one of our regular EssentialPro classes and also at dōTERRA headquarters in Orem, Utah. We provide free training for all new employees and assist with client’s in-house promotions as well as offer additional account support. dōTERRA will provide you with the highest quality of Essential Oils available while helping you grow a successful business!

I have loved working with doTERRA essential oils in my nutrition practice. It has been an excellent way to introduce healthy living to new prospects, and I have been able to transition them into my 6 month program, just by sharing an oil for their ailment. I also love how it can keep my clients and I connected after the 6 month program, as they continue to order essential oils from me and experience a healthier way to help heal their ailments naturally. Using doTERRA with my practice has given my clients another tool, it’s like having their own personal pharmacy at their fingertips.
– Frani Pisano, Health Coach

dōTERRA offers the safest, most effective oils found in the spa industry today!
– Melyna Harrison, Spa Owner

I love using doTERRA in my own home and in my business. I had incredible results after a major surgery with healing my body and increasing my energy with the Life Long Vitality pack, it is by far my favorite product! My dental clients love using the oils in their offices too. Lavender and Wild Orange are a couple of our favorites; they help relax the patients while creating a fabulous aroma!

– Jodi Bond, Dental Consultant

My tips have gone up since using doTERRA essential oils in my massage!
– Karen, The M Resort

I am honored and privileged to be able to see the deep and profound healing that are able to facilitate with inclusion of these oils into a wellness regime. These oils are a major step forward toward bringing the full wellness platform to the general public.

– Dr. Martha Nessler, founder and CEO of RAW Authentic Wellness

With the adding of new oils under Dr. Martha’s guidance, I’ve gone gluten free and incorporated a cleanse into my wellness plan. Resulting in weight loss and feeling the best I have in years. She has suggested things for my family and I have noticed a huge difference. I can’t say enough about this Angel of Wellness. She has become not only my Wellness coach, but a great friend! I am so thankful that my chiropractor has included dōTERRA into her practice it has added to my wellness arsenal.

– Nicole P, Dr Nessler’s patient

I am a hair stylist and I am a wellness advocate. I am building a wonderful business with my clients. I treat every appointment as a one on one. Everyone needs the LLV. Everyone needs to be healthier. Yes, I do give samples of the shampoo and hair are and they love it, however, I am more concerned about the lifestyle they’re leading. We all know that your hair stylist is your therapist, and people buy from who they know, like, and trust. I have the trust of my clients and they will try anything that I feel strongly about. One on ones. everyday. teaching. Everyday. If you have a class to offer, great! Invite them! But most of all, be a product of the product, and Teach, every appointment. My opinion is, he/she needs a wholesale account. Retail selling of the oils is not where you make the money, That’s a bonus. Build a team. That’s where the money is and that’s where the fulfillment is.

– Sheri B, Salon Owner