Hi! Are you a Blogger? Life Coach? Therapist or Instructor? SAHM/WAHM or Dad? Entrepreneur? Are you passionate about natural health?¬†Are you looking for a way to create a successful, thriving business that will lead you to financial abundance whilst making a huge, real difference in other people’s lives?

Then you have come to the right place in looking into doTERRA’s essential oils and wellness products. They have changed my life, my family’s life and so many people around me have seen profound health benefits from ditching the toxins we put in and on our bodies on a daily basis, and learning about a new way – a natural way where we partner with nature at our side, harnessing the power that it gives us, and revolutionising our health care. And my job is to learn with them, and share what I know and have learned. I help them to find out about the wholesale account options that we have available, and also help them find out how they can top up their income, or even replace it, with a residual income that takes less than 15 hours a week to maintain.

And, on top of all of this, I am making a genuine, solid income that has provided me, as a stay at home mum and blogger, with not only an additional income to top up my earnings, but a solid, long-term business that helps to support my family financially, while being able to stay with my children, and decide to home educate them too.

If you are in the UK or Europe, then there are so many opportunities for people looking to help us grow doTERRA, and it is such an exciting time in the company’s growth, where our sales are doubling each year and we are growing at a phenomenal rate. I am based in Dorset, near Bournemouth, and I have team members in Bristol, Warminster, Manchester, London, Portsmouth, Oxford and Southampton areas. We have regular get togethers, and weekly online training, so wherever you are, you can join us!

Does this sound like it might be the right path for you? Then send me a message to sophie@essentialpro.co.uk and we can get you started!